SELENZA is synonymous with UNIQUENESS, EXCLUSIVITY and QUALITY. All of these concepts are found in the brand. And they all come together in each of the projects that have been carried out and are currently being developed.

With SELENZA, Félix Abánades –owner and top Spanish developer– combines the CREATIVITY, VISIÓN AND KNOWLEDGE gained over his 20-some years of EXPERIENCE the real estate sector and from the many projects that he has completed in Spain.

President and founder of Grupo Rayet and Quabit Inmobiliaria, Abánades began to work on an international level in 2004, extending the Group’s presence abroad, across Europe and, above all, Latin America.

While developing numerous business activities in distinct projects and developments, Abánades has simultaneously maintained his compromiso con la sociedad through the Fundación Rayet and the Fundación Apadrina un Árbol (Sponsor a Tree Foundation), whose Honorary President is Her Royal Highness, Queen Sofía.

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